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How You Avoid Gutter Cleaning with Aqua Werx

February 16, 2022


Cleaning your gutters twice per year is often recommended, such as near the end of fall and the beginning of spring. However, it’s always a good idea to clean your gutters in Waco more often if you live near trees. Failure to keep your gutters clean from any debris can lead to a wide range of issues such as mold, pests, leaks, or flooding. Gutters are often your first line of defense against water, as they play a key role in diverting excess water away from your home. Unfortunately, most people don’t clean their gutters often, which can result in many problems. You can always hire a professional to handle this task, but not everyone has the budget for this service.

Why you should invest in leaf guard

One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to install leaf guard for your home. Aqua Werx Gutters offers 3 different styles of leaf guard that can be installed on top of your existing gutters (EZ Lock, Rigid Flow, and LeafBlaster). Many types of leaf guard get a bad reputation for lack of effectiveness, but this is due to poor installation of the leaf guard.  If installed properly, you should not have to remove your leaf guards for cleaning. Anything small enough to fit through the holes should wash out through the gutter system downspouts. Call Aqua Werx today to discuss the styles of leaf guard and which one will best fit your gutter system!

How does leaf guard work?

Our standard EZ Lock is installed on top of 5” and 6” gutters in 4ft pieces that overlap approximately 1-2 inches to prevent anything from getting inside of the gutter. We install the leaf guard by slipping it up under the shingle and screwing it into the gutter to ensure a long lasting fit and prevent the leaf guard from bowing and creating an area for leaves and debris to collect. Ask your Aqua Werx professional any other questions you may have regarding other types of leaf guard installations. Without leaf guard, your gutters are not protected from build-up of leaves and debris, thus rendering the system useless if it is not cleaned regularly.

Limits Rust and Corrosion

Another benefit of installing leaf guard is that they reduce the chance of rust and corrosion forming inside due to the accumulation of debris. Limiting rust and corrosion will improve the lifespan of your gutters while saving you money over the long term.

Prevent Pest Infestation

Pests can often build nests in gutters with leftover debris. Whether you are dealing with squirrels, bats, mice, or insects, these pests can cause a wide range of problems. Using gutter guards reduces the chance of a pest infestation, and it provides a physical barrier against many of these animals from entering inside of your gutter.

Reach Out to Aqua Werx to Learn More About Installing Leaf Guards in Waco

Aqua Werx specializes in the installation of gutters in Waco and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned and operated business understands the importance of providing top-quality work while meeting the needs of each customer. We are always happy to answer any questions, as we specialize in 5-inch and 6-inch seamless gutters, leaf guards, and rain tanks.

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