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What is the purpose of a rainwater harvesting tank?

Rainwater harvesting systems are a lifesaver in areas where water is in short supply, such as Waco, TX. By catching rain when it falls, rainwater harvesting takes some pressure off the regular water supply during dry spells.

In cities, rain often runs off buildings and roads, causing floods and polluting waterways. Rainwater harvesting helps by diverting that rain away from storm drains and using it for things like gardening and laundry. This way, it cuts down the demand for treated drinking water and eases the burden on the city’s drainage systems. Even though some places have rules about it, many areas actually encourage and support rainwater harvesting to save water and help the environment.

Rainwater harvesting systems are all about collecting and storing rainwater for a bunch of useful human activities. You can find these systems in various forms, from simple rain barrels to more complex setups with pumps, tanks, and filters. While the rainwater isn’t safe to drink straight after rainfall, it’s perfect for things like watering your plants, flushing toilets, washing your car, or doing laundry.

What sizes are available for rainwater harvesting tanks?

When it comes to choosing a rainwater harvesting tank size, it’s essential to match it to your needs. To help you make the right decision, here’s a breakdown of potential sizes:

  • 125 to 400 gallons: Recommended for residential homes for gardening or yard irrigation. These systems overflow quickly in heavy rains and need to be strategically placed based on roof surface area to ensure best function and eliminate frequent overflow.
  • 400 to 800 gallons: Most popular size and recommended for residential home owners. This size of tank meets a wide variety of needs without having too big of a footprint for someone that does not have a lot of space.
  • 800 to 1,600 gallons: This tank is commonly used on metal buildings for agricultural use and irrigation. These tanks have a larger height and cannot be installed under some rooflines.
  • 1,600 gallons and up to 10,000 gallons: Uses for these tanks can vary but are ideal for farm and agricultural use and/or homes that do not have access to water that plan on using this as a potable water source for everyday water usage.

These sizes provide a general guideline for the sizes of tanks, ensuring you get a rainwater harvesting tank that meets your specific needs. Be sure to consider factors such as rainfall amount, roof size, water usage, and drought protection levels when selecting a rainwater harvesting tank. Give the professionals at Aqua Werx a call to come view the scope of the work and recommend a tank size that will meet your needs and maximize the water usage to prevent under or over sizing of tanks.

Is rainwater harvesting useful?

Rainwater harvesting systems offer significant utility in various applications. These systems efficiently collect and repurpose rainwater, providing a sustainable water source for a range of purposes.

  • Irrigation and Gardening

Reclaimed rainwater is an excellent choice for garden irrigation. It doesn’t need potable water quality, making it ideal for keeping your garden green. Systems are designed with storage capacity to sustain water supply during dry spells.

  • Manufacturing and Agricultural Use

Businesses and farms with high water consumption can benefit from rainwater harvesting, reducing water bills and improving efficiency. Ultraviolet filtration with an automatic backwash system is recommended for manufacturing applications, ensuring water quality. In Waco, TX, many farms utilize rainwater harvesting tanks for agricultural and livestock use.

  • Construction

Portable rainwater harvesting systems are available for dust suppression during construction projects.

  • Household Usage

Rainwater harvesting can supply water for toilets, appliances, and drinking water. The system size is tailored to accommodate the number of fixtures reliant on it and estimated by number of members in the household to calculate daily water usage. Specific filtrations systems are used to create potable water. Regular maintenance by specialists ensures that the system stays reliable.


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