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Rainwater Collection Tanks in Waco, TX

Did you know Aqua Werx installs more than just seamless gutters? When rainy season is upon us, not only do we want to protect your foundation and flower beds from the downpour of rain with gutters, but we also offer ways to capture and conserve that rainwater with rainwater collection tanks, chains, and barrels. We learned from last year’s drought that water is a precious commodity that we cannot take for granted. However, by installing a rainwater harvesting tank system that ties into a gutter system you can collect water for gardening and landscaping, watering livestock, agriculture uses, and much more! We offer sizing of 100 gallon up to 10,000-gallon tanks with fittings that can connect right to your water hose. Color options include: black, dark green, dark brown, and mocha. Here at Aqua Werx Gutters in Texas, we can design a custom system of rainwater collection tanks to meet your specific needs and ensure that you make the most of this upcoming rainy season. Check out our complete guide to rainwater harvesting here!

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The Advantages of Rainwater Collection Tanks

In recent years, people have been getting more interested in rainwater harvesting with rainwater collection tanks as a way to combat the rising environmental and economic costs tied to centralized water systems and well drilling. With communities in Texas and beyond grappling with limited resources, the health perks of rainwater and the potential money-saving aspects of rainwater collection systems have played a significant role in driving up the popularity. They offer a range of advantages, including: 

Environmentally Friendly

When we collect rainwater with rainwater collection tanks, we’re taking a load off rivers, lakes, and underground aquifers, saving precious freshwater for the future. Rainwater harvesting promotes environmental stewardship and makes sure we have a sustainable water supply, which is very important for preserving ecosystems and keeping biodiversity intact. Plus, it’s a great way to keep pollution and erosion at bay in our Texas communities.

Beneficial for Human Health

One great thing about rainwater is how pure it is. Unlike tap water which can have all sorts of chemicals, minerals, and stuff added to it, rainwater from rainwater collection tanks is as pure as it gets. Drinking, cooking, and even taking a bath in rainwater come with some serious health perks. Rainwater doesn’t have chlorine, fluoride, or any other potential contaminants, so it’s a refreshing and chemical-free option. 

Save on Costs

Setting up rainwater harvesting systems can help you save on costs, whether you’re a homeowner or part of a community. When you collect and use rainwater, you don’t have to rely on pricey municipal water supplies as much. That means your water bills can be reduced, and you’ll see a lot of savings. Plus, rainwater can cover all sorts of non-drinking needs, like watering plants, washing cars, and even filling up swimming pools. 


Rainwater harvesting systems can be compared to having an extra level of water security. When drought or water restrictions hit, having a reliable water supply becomes super important. That’s where rainwater harvesting is crucial. With storage tanks, filters, and pumps in place, these systems guarantee a steady flow of water, giving you peace of mind and a sense of independence. You’ll be self-sufficient and ready to tackle any water scarcity challenges that come your way.

Versatility and Adaptability

Rainwater harvesting systems like rainwater collection tanks are flexible and can fit into any building, whether it’s already standing or still in the works. These systems can adapt and change to match your needs. With our expert services, these systems can be fine-tuned to work at their absolute best. 

What Makes Aqua Werx Rainwater Collection Tanks Different?

Since 2015, we’ve been dedicated to creating and setting up top-notch rainwater collection tanks. While the fundamental principles remain constant, our expertise, hands-on experience, and utilization of cutting-edge technology have put our systems at new heights. Our goal is to install tailor-made rainwater collection setups optimized for your specific location, providing you with the most convenient means of utilizing rainwater to maximize savings, shrink your environmental footprint, and manage stormwater runoff.

Forget the idea of simple rain barrels. Our rainwater collection tank systems are anything but basic. They’re intricate and high-quality, requiring attention to detail and specialized expertise. While the focus often falls on the rainwater tank, it’s crucial to acknowledge the various other components that demand integration with your property. You can rely on our extensive experience to provide an efficient, secure, visually fitting, and as low-maintenance as possible system.

What Our Rainwater Collection Tank Installation Process Looks Like

  • Consultation 

Once you reach out to us, we’ll arrange for a convenient onsite consultation at your property with our estimators. During this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your specific needs for utilizing rainwater as well as map out the routing of rainwater collection system that can include your existing or new gutter system.

  • Estimate

After discussing rainwater collection tank usage and mapping out the route, we will give you a clear breakdown of all associated costs and a detailed report outlining the rainwater harvesting potential.

  • Installation 

If the estimated cost and system design for the rainwater collection tank meets your satisfaction, our skilled crew will proceed with the installation as scheduled. We guarantee your satisfaction with the final outcome and remain readily available for any future system requirements you may have.

Inquire About Our Rainwater Collection Tanks, Barrels, and More Today!

If you’re interested in installing a rainwater harvesting tank system in Texas, reach out to Aqua Werx today! We’ll provide you with a free estimate of the cost of the project for rainwater collection tanks and provide you with any other information you might need about rainwater tanks in Texas.

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