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3 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to 6-inch Gutters

November 23, 2021

When considering renovations, your gutters might be the last thought on your mind. But did you know that upgrading from a 5-inch to a 6-inch seamless gutter can protect your home, reduce your workload and even make your home more attractive?

Read on to discover 3 reasons you need to upgrade to a 6-inch seamless gutter now.

 Less Overflow

Everyone can agree that there is nothing worse than when your gutter overflows. It can be dangerous, messy, and damage your property. Overflows happen when heavy rains fill your gutters beyond capacity. Overflows, however, can be managed and avoided by installing a 6-inch seamless gutter. 6-inch seamless gutters can handle and distribute much more water than a 5-inch gutter in a lot of cases, meaning there is less chance of any overflows. Upgrading to a 6-inch seamless gutter also means you increase the amount of water your gutter can redirect, helping you to protect your home and garden.

Protect Your Home

With 6” gutters, we are able to install fewer downspouts for certain rooflines carrying water up to 50ft in certain situations, thus eliminating downspouts that may be necessary in a 5” gutter system. By eliminating downspouts, we are able to place the majority of the downspouts on the corners of the property thus keeping the water away from the middle of the foundation.

More Aesthetically Pleasing

Not just practical, 6-inch seamless gutters can aid with improving the appearance of your home. The larger gutters will make your home appear more robust, and structurally appealing.

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6-inch seamless gutters have so many benefits compared to their 5-inch counterparts. If you have decided to make the upgrade, it’s important to know you’re buying from a reputable, professional company, Aqua Werx.

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