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How Experts Can Craft the Perfect Rainwater Gutter for Your Home

January 24, 2022

More and more people are harvesting rainwater as a conservation method, and we’re all for it. Water can be a scarce resource at times, but it always pours for free from the sky. While some places restrict rainwater collection, here in Texas the practice isn’t just legal – it’s actively promoted by our state water agencies!
Harvesting rainwater is a great way to reduce your own water bills or collect water for your gardens and other crops. It’s eco-friendly, and a great way for you to feel like you’re helping reduce waste in our modern lives.
However, for effective rainwater harvesting, you need the right rainwater gutter. People often don’t give much thought to the gutters on their roof, but they’re actually quite important! A good gutter protects your roof and your walls from damage. Plus, when properly designed, they can make it even easier to collect as much rainwater as possible during a storm.
So, in this article, we wanted to talk about the factors that go into choosing rainwater gutters, and how experts can select the perfect gutters for your needs.

What Goes Into The Best Rainwater Gutters For Water Collection

1 – The Importance of Seamless Gutters

If you’re looking into rainwater harvesting, you definitely want seamless gutters on your home. Unlike older gutters which were made from prefabricated components shoved together – or welded – seamless gutters are custom made to fit your home exactly.
This is vital because older gutters with seams are much more prone to breaking or developing cracks around the seams. This makes it easier for water to escape and damage your home, while also not making its way into your rainwater collection barrels.
In addition, seamless gutters can come in almost any color you want, so they can even be an attractive addition to your home.

2 – The Size of Your Gutters

While gutters can come in a wide variety of sizes, the most common sizes on residential homes are either 5-inch or 6-inch. Despite the small difference in size, 6-inch gutters can actually handle up to 50% more water at a time. However, 6-inch gutters may be overkill for many homes. Unless you have a large roof with a lot of surface area and the pitch on your roof is steep, 5-inch seamless gutters are probably going to be good enough.
Gutter specialists can help you find the right sizes of gutter and spout to meet your needs.

3 – The Need for Gutter Guards

If you’re looking to harvest rainwater, you want gutter guards in place. These are items that attach to the gutters and attempt to catch as much debris as possible, keeping them out of the gutters themselves. This also keeps unwanted debris out of your collected rainwater!
There are a few different options that Aqua Werx offers

EZ Lock: a powder coated metal mesh that will keep most types of leaves and debri out of the gutter. You will want to choose a contractor that installs this correctly. Any leaf guard can be useless if installed incorrectly.
Rigid Flow: an aluminum style guard that is commonly used for metal roofs that fit well under the roof and on top of the gutter to keep debri out. This is a common type of guard that is used on metal shops and buildings when customers are wanting to use rain water collection systems on their detached buildings.
LeafBlaster: a stainless steel mesh that stands out among many types of leaf guards due to its micromesh technology. It is highly recommended in heavily wooded areas or in areas that have trees with very tiny granules. It is more expensive than the standard options, but comes with a 40 year warranty.

4 – Size and Location of your Rain Water Harvesting Tank

When collecting the rain water from your roof, it is important to consult a professional when choosing the size and location of your rain water harvesting tank. Many tanks can be undersized for the amount of roof water being captured. Some things to consider before you purchase a tank:
• What will you be using the water for?
• How often will you be using this water?
• Where do you want the tank to be placed (aesthetically and functionally)?

These answers will allow the professionals at Aqua Werx to determine an appropriate size tank as well as determine which areas of your gutter system will be best to capture the amount of water you are needing.

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