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How We Determine Which Gutters Are Right for You

December 1, 2021

Are You in the Market for Gutters? Learn How We Determine Which Gutters Are Right for You

With the Lone Star State’s unpredictable weather, it’s essential to have adequately sized Texas gutters that can withstand torrential downpours and the occasional snow storm. Gutters that are too small will overflow and potentially cause structural damage, including water leaks. If the downspouts don’t have sufficient capacity, water can also build up and spill onto the roof.

Although you can calculate gutter and downspout capacity on your own, you should always have a professional like the team from Aqua Werx to ensure your calculations are correct. We can help you accurately measure your gutter and downspout capacity so you don’t risk installing gutters in Texas that might not accommodate your home.


Texas Gutter and Downspout Capacity

When calculating gutter and downspout capacity, our team at Aqua Werx takes the following factors into account before we can determine what is right for your property. We’re always here to answer all your questions and to ensure that you get the right-sized gutters for your home.

1. We Determine the Dimensions of Your Roof

Measuring your roof line is the first step to determining gutter capacity. We measure the linear footage of all of the eaves while also taking in to account the pitch. If you have a roof with steep inclines, hiring professionals will help you avoid injury.

2. We Figure Out How Much Rainfall Your Area Receives

The Waco, TX, area received 45.56 inches of rainfall in 2020. While this figure is important, we also consider the rate at which the rain falls – the rainfall intensity. For example, a few inches of rain over an hour will have a more significant impact on your gutters compared to a few inches spread out during the entire day.

3. We Determine the Amount of Downspouts Needed

Three factors help determine the number of downspouts – the size and pitch of your roof, gutters, and the amount of rainfall and rainfall intensity you receive in your city.

4. Choose the Right Gutter Style for You

Gutters come in all different shapes and sizes, so based on the information above, we’ll help you choose the perfect gutter style for you. For those in areas that receive heavy rainfall and lots of debris, selecting seamless gutters that are easy to install and gutter guards are a great option.


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