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Why Does Your Home Need Gutters?

October 28, 2021

Texas Rain Gutters: Why Does Your House Need Them?

Some homeowners underestimate the power of gutters and all that can go wrong if you don’t have them. Texas rain gutters are vital to protecting the structural integrity of your home and the surrounding landscape.

 Aqua Werx is a family-owned gutter installation company that can help you install and clean gutters. We understand gutters inside and out and are always happy to explain their importance.

 The Four Main Reasons Your House Needs Gutters

We could go on for hours explaining all the benefits of gutters, but to summarize, these are the four main reasons your house needs gutters. 

1.      To Prevent Flooding

If your home doesn’t have gutters, rainwater will form pools around the foundation. The purpose of gutters is to lead the water away from your home. Unsurprisingly, puddles of water will eventually find their way through your foundation and into your home.  

2.      To Help Maintain Landscaping

Many homeowners don’t realize that not having gutters can cause extensive damage to their landscaping. Since substantial amounts of water will sit alongside your house, the surrounding grass will succumb to root rot. The same can happen to bushes and other plants that decorate the exterior of your home.  

3.      To Prevent Foundation Damage

A well-maintained foundation is critical to the structural integrity of your home. If you don’t have gutters to channel rainwater away from your home, the water will accumulate around the foundation, leading to cracks. Severe foundation damage is costly to repair, often costing thousands of dollars. 

4.      To Avoid Soil Erosion

The soil around your home’s foundation is more susceptible to erosion if you don’t have gutters installed. Not only can soil erosion warp the foundation, but it can also decrease your lawn’s fertility, making it difficult to grow plants. With gutters, you can control the movement of water and prevent both widespread and localized soil erosion.  

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