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Why Gutter Guards are a Must for Every Home

November 22, 2022

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Gutters are an integral part of your home’s drainage system. They allow water to drain off your roof, and help you avoid water damage. That’s why having an efficient gutter system for your home is so important.

However, simply installing gutters cannot provide you with all of these benefits. You also must invest time and effort into maintaining them for efficient performance. Regular cleaning and repairs are a critical part of gutter maintenance and thus must be done on a seasonal basis.

Gutter Guards Offer Easy Maintenance

One hassle-free way to ace gutter maintenance is by installing gutter guards. As the name suggests, gutter guards act as shields that protect your gutters from unwanted outside elements. They work by blocking leaves and debris from entering your gutter. Gutter guards also decrease the frequency of cleaning and repairs you need to maintain functional gutters. If your gutter guards are installed properly and you have chosen the right guard for the type of tree foliage, then you will not need to have your gutters cleaned. The gutter guard is designed to keep anything large enough to clog your gutters out, anything else should flush through the downspouts when it rains. There are times that leaves will build up on top of the guard in heavily wooded areas, but this can be resolved with a leaf blower or long-handled brush to sweep off the debris.

Benefits of Using Gutter Guards

Gutter guards carry a number of benefits. Some of the most significant ones are:

Avoid Infestations: By creating a barrier between the gutters and the outside world, gutter guards can stop animals and insects from getting in, ruling out any infestations. They also do away with the possibility of a bird making a nest or laying eggs in your gutter.

Minimize Upkeep:

As mentioned earlier, if the gutter guards are installed properly, you should rarely have to clean your gutters out. By choosing to install gutter guards you are decreasing the reoccurring cleaning fees because the gutter guard should be keeping your gutters free from debris. If you have leaf guards and your gutters are still getting clogged, you need to contact a professional to determine the underlying problem.

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