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Why You Need Gutters in Your WacoHome

October 28, 2022

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More often than not, when you visit a house, you see that it has gutters. But have you ever wondered why? And what could happen if you simply choose not to have them?In this article, we go over why gutters are essential for your Waco home.

The Benefits of Having Gutters in Waco

  • Protect Your Foundation

If you do not have a proper water drainage system in place, it is only a matter of time before the water seeps into the ground around your house putting unwanted pressure on the foundation which can lead to cracks, leaks and structural damage. Installing gutters in your Waco, Texas home will help prevent water from collecting and pooling around the foundation.

  • Helps Avoid Soil Erosion

The main purpose of having gutters is to create a proper channel for rainwater disposal. If not funneled correctly, the rainwater on your roof can create a divot along the exterior walls creating a valley for the water to sit and settle the ground and lead to soil erosion. Having a well-planned drainage system in place will help you avoid such a situation and allow you to enjoy a seamless, hassle-free gutter system that will protect your grass and flowerbeds from getting beat down by the rain.

  • Prevent Splashback on Lower Exterior Walls

Roof water that is not captured by a gutter can splash down on the soil around the exterior of your home causing the mud and dirt to splash up onto the lower exterior of the brick, stucco, or siding. By capturing the water with gutters, we are able to keep the exterior clean and avoid unwanted dirt buildup along the base of your home.

  • Rain Water Harvesting and Collection Tanks

With the recent rain shortage, it is becoming more popular to collect and harvest the rain water that comes off of your roof. Aqua Werx can install a new gutter system or tie into your existing gutter system with a rain water harvesting tank to capture that water for multiple uses! This has been a great option for our customers due to the restrictions that have been placed on water usage this past summer.

  • Boost Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

If you are keen on enhancing the exterior of your house while making your water disposal system more efficient, you should invest in gutters! Nowadays, gutters are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes that you can match with your exterior decorating scheme to upgrade the overall look. There are also custom options available that can allow you to create unique design statements.

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