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Why Every House Needs a Gutter | Aqua Werx

November 23, 2021

Perhaps it’s time to change your gutters, and you’re wondering if it’s worth the price. With new gutter installations costing up to a thousand dollars or more, you might find yourself thinking ”do I need a gutter? What do they do anyway?”

Although expensive at first, installing a new gutter system will be cheaper in the long run, as it saves you from costly repairs. Gutters protect various parts of the home from rain and water damage, especially in areas in Texas that experience heavy rains. Read on to find out why every home needs a professional gutter system. 

They prevent erosion

Typically, homes are built on a slight slope to help guide rainwater runoff away from the foundation. If rain is constantly flowing from your roof because you have no gutters, the water will wash away soil from the slope each time it rains, leading to erosion. Eventually, rainwater will begin to flow toward your home instead of away from it. Erosion also causes settling in the foundation, which leads to uneven floors, cracked walls, and chimneys.

They protect garden beds

Flowers and shrubs make a beautiful addition to any home. Many homeowners plant shrubbery next to their homes to guard against the wind during harsher winter weather. If you do not have gutters and are experiencing soil erosion, your garden may be washed away!

Even with minimal erosion present, you’ll soon find puddles of water begin to form in your flower beds and drown your plants. Melting snow can also drip down, and can freeze into solid sheets of ice that kill evergreen shrubs.

They protect siding

Without gutters, rainwater can carry debris down the siding of your home which can initially lead to staining that is visually unappealing. After some time, however, rainwater can rot the siding of your home leading to erosion that creates holes for pests to make their way in. Eventually, this erosion can affect the structural integrity of your home and lead to costly repairs.

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